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Salted Honey Caramels

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Indulgent and irresistible...

Our Salted Honey Caramels melt away in your mouth with hints of toasted vanilla, sweet cream and golden honey. These are the best caramels you have ever tasted!

A farmers market favorite, freshly made with local honey, our extra creamy caramels are sprinkled with pink salts harvested from an ancient ocean in Utah.  

These decadent caramels are 100% honey sweetened (no added sugars, syrups or junk) and won’t stick in your teeth. 

For the love of honey and the bees...

At Bee Grateful Farm we are passionate about honey and the bees.  We started beekeeping 6 years ago and since then have fallen in love with not only honey but our pollinator friends as well.

With every purchase we are dedicated to giving back to the bees by creating pollinator habitats that are protected from pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that threaten pollinators. Thank you for purchasing our candies and being a part of this mission.

Ingredients: Colorado Honey, Cream (grass-fed), Butter (grass-fed), Utah salt.