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The Bee Grateful Farm Salad Subscription is an easy and delicious way to have locally grown fresh lettuces & veggies on hand to make fresh salads multiple times per week. Support your local farm and enjoy the healthiest and freshest locally grown produce available. 

Purchasing a 12 week subscription provides you with weekly shares of farm fresh goodies focusing on items you would use in salads.

Full Plate Subscription Includes (weekly):

  • 6 varieties of large bags of baby greens, mixed lettuces, bunched salad veggies, and micro greens. Varieties rotate weekly.
  • Enough for 5 large meal sized salads, or 10 side salads.
  • Perfect for the daily "meal sized" salad eater, or a family wanting a locally grown side salad several days per week with dinner.
Price per 12 week subscription is $299, or about $5.00 per large meal sized plate of salad/ $2.50 per side salad


Half Plate Subscription Includes (weekly):

  • 5 varieties of 4oz. bags of baby greens, mixed lettuces, bunched salad veggies, and micro greens. Varieties rotate weekly.
  • Enough for 3 large meal sized salads, or 6 side salads.
  • Great for the individual or small family who want to enjoy local salads a few days per week.
Price per 12 week subscription is $199; about $5.50 per large meal sized plate of salad/ $2.75 per side salad

    All subscriptions will contain vegetables in their raw state. This is a service for people who want to easily and conveniently craft their own salads. They are not prepared for you or a meal service). All produce will be clean but we request you rinse/wash your veggies before you consume them. 

    What kinds of foods to expect?

    Salad Greens Mixes: Zesty Salad Mix, Sweet Crisp Mix, Farmers Lunch Mix, Gourmet Salad Mix.

    Leafy Baby Greens or Lettuce: Arugula, Baby Lettuce Heads, Baby 7 Kale Mix, Baby Spinach, Butter Chard.

    Seasonal vegetables: Sweet Turnips, Bok Choy, Radishes, Beets, Herbs, Tomatoes, Carrots, chives, pepper, cucumbers, snap peas, and more...

    Microgreens: Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Microgreens mix



    12 weeks - starting the week of July 1st - September 16th 2019  


    We have 4 different pickup locations/opportunities as well as a delivery option. 

    Thursday - Bee Grateful Farm Stand (at Farm) (3-6)

    Friday - CAA - 9th & Oak St, Steamboat (12-5)

    Friday - Steamboat Emergency - Hwy 40 & Pine Grove Rd. (3-6)

    Friday Home Delivery - $15 per delivery fee.

    Saturday - Steamboat Farmers Market (9-1)

    Order 5 or more subscription to your local business & we'll drop them off there for free!

    What Steamboat Locals are Saying... 

    Bee Grateful farm has some of the freshest and healthiest greens and produce in the Yampa valley.  Jason is always a pleasure to work with and truly cares about his craft.  His attention to detail and commitment to excellent growing practices, enable us to serve the finest vegetable to our discerning customers.  The greens are so flavorful that no dressing is needed! Just a little oil and eat!
    Patrick Funk, Executive Chef, Aurum-Steamboat

     Bee Grateful Farms pours love into their produce, they genuinely care about the quality of their product! Their arugula is out of this world, spicy yet delicate. You've never had a snap pea with as much snap, and their tomatoes are delectable. I cannot wait for harvest time this year! 

    Ali Boehm, Kneading Hands, Steamboat

    YUM - BeeGrateful Farm knows how to grow vegetables! Their arugula is mouthwatering and their tomatoes are juicy. Your salads' won't disappoint!

    Monique- Paralegal, Steamboat 

     I am writing a review of your delicious always fresh and tender organic greens that I can’t wait to purchase as soon as the summer harvest starts.  It’s great to finally have a local farm with a local hard working family that cares about nutrition and healthful eating.  Your produce is always exceptionally flavorful.

    Kathy Steinberg- Steamboat Sotheby's

     These are hands down the freshest veggies in the valley!! I stock up every week at the farmers market and they stay delicious and crunchy through the week!

    Sarah Haag- Hair on Earth, Steamboat

     I find Bee Grateful's vegetables and greens to be consistent, flavorful, and rich in texture. I always search out their food, including restaurants that buy their products. I encourage everyone to enjoy their good food!

    Paul Weese, CO Group Realty Steamboat

    I love that I'm able to buy Steamboat local produce. The people who grow the food know what they're doing and put all of their effort into producing the best product possible!
    Craig, Moving Mountains, Steamboat

    Love all the Fresh organic produce from Bee Grateful Farms!!  Jason and Hethir Really care and know what they are doing !!  Looking forward to this years CSA and seeing them at the farmers market!!

    Charlie Chase- Personal Trainer- Genetic Synergy, Steamboat

     Bee Grateful Farms has been nothing short of amazing. The D'avignon radishes are a staple in my kitchen during the summer. They bring such a beautiful crunch and unique flavor to any dish. The baby arugula is another favorite of mine. Hearty enough to withstand a busy restaurant, it also delivers notes of pepper that I have never tasted in Arugula. I look forward to the new and exciting products to come as the farm continues to grow. 

    Chris Vargoshe, Executive Chef, Mahogany Ridge