Becoming Accidental Farmers

I guess you could call us accidental farmers. Neither Jason or I have farmers or gardeners in our families.

Our path to farming came from a love for really high quality foods and the joy of enjoying artisan products. When we moved to the mountain town of Steamboat springs from the farmer's market mecca of Southern California, we missed all the fresh local food we had access to.

By the time it came for us to finally settle down and buy our first home. one of our requirements was that it was facing the right direction for sun so we could grow some food, thinking we would grow some food for ourselves. Well, months later we stumbled upon a property that not only had some flat sun-facing land (in fact acres of it), but also a large creek, plenty of space and amazing soil.

A friend of mine once told me if you want something to exist in your community, you need to create it. So instead of starting just a personal garden we decided to start a farm for our community and to grow veggies for everyone else who also had a love for local foods.

Now remember I had never grown anything more than some herbs and kale on my porch.

Now fast forward to it almost being the start of season 3 at Bee Grateful Farm. We have had some failures and we have had many successes - in all the hustle and bustle our bigger mission is being accomplished. We are able to connect with our community through food, be stewards of the land and have fun creating artisan products that make people happy.

If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I would be a farmer I would have laughed. But now there is no other place or person I would rather be.

Thank you for enjoying what the land offers along side us.

Thank you for being a part of our larger farm family.

Bee Grateful Farm 2019 (year 2)

Our Farmers Market booth 2019

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