How We Grow...

Bee Grateful Farm is a 100% Natural Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Farm located at 7200ft elevation just outside Steamboat Springs, CO. 

We have never used any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers on the farm, and grown everything far beyond the minimum requirements to meet organic standards for certification.

Soil health is something we are very passionate about, so we never till the ground beyond initial ground breaking, and always work the soil by hand to preserve all of the life and biodiversity within the soil. This makes highly nutritious and flavorful veggies! Our soil was tested last year by a Colorado based soil amendment company, and the lab facilitator said they were the best results of soil quality he's ever seen in Colorado. 

Other practices we implement on the farm are:

Hedgerows- Hedgerows are being planted in Spring 2019 to create habitat for beneficial insects, birds, and snakes to mitigate invasive pests.

Beneficial Insects - Beneficial Insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis are purchased annually and released throughout the farm to prey on invasive insects.

Honey Bees and Pollinator plots - We have several honeybee hives located near the tomatoes and raised beds to pollinate squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other plants. We also planted 1/2 acre of pollinator flowers in fall of 2018 to help the bees thrive.

Row covers - Row covers are used on raised beds to reduce the effects of harsh CO sun, high winds, evaporation, and to keep insects out of the beds.

Heirloom and Organic Seeds - Never GMO! We only plant Heirloom and Certified Organic Seeds.

Compost - We make all our own compost on site using Alpaca Beans from our 60 Alpacas, and Veggie Scraps from the farm. All compost is processed to comply with Organic Certification Standards.