Farm Goals
for 2020

Every year when we start planning for the next year I tend to get a bit excited and load my plate up with EVERYTHING I would like to accomplish on the farm.

Now that we are entering our 3rd season, I guess I am wising up or wearing down :) and realizing I have to pick a limited number of projects to focus on so we can complete them without cutting corners or getting burned out.

So with that approach I am looking through my wishlist and searching my heart for what fits the following criteria:

  • Brings us joy
  • Makes a difference for our community (critters & people)
  • Keeps our family first
  • Fits in the farm budget

So with that, here is my brainstorm of projects and wish list items.

Create our first Bee pollinator garden on our farm and design/create Bee Grateful pollinator project (looking for help on this)

  • Expand and build Strawberry patch for 2021 season
  • Build greenhouse and early season tunnels for 2021 season
  • Automate our microgreens irrigation
  • Connect with local college program for projects
  • Have community events at the farm (looking for help on this)
  • Test 5 new crops/varieties
  • Expand our culinary herb offerings

A lot of these projects depend on us having stellar staffing and a awesome volunteers again this year. But that's the goal!

Stay tuned to see how it all goes. You know I will be sharing the journey with y'all.

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