Farm happenings
August 8, 2019

“It’s all happening”.... one of my favorite lines from the movie Almost Famous.

There is not a more accurate saying for the experience on the farm right now.

Everything is ripe for the picking. Snap peas seem to pop up five minutes after we pick them.

Cucumbers are going for a Guinness World Records for speed of growth.

Don’t forget to pick the summer squash before it gets too big!

And now that we have gotten better at microgreens, there is over 100 trays to harvest and plant too!

After the whirlwind of harvesting for the day let’s go and stare down the tomatoes... that makes them ripen quicker, right?

With so much going on it can be really easy to forget to stop and smell the flowers. To enjoy the harvest and be grateful for the abundance.

Just today I was reminded of this... literally.

When it came time for flower harvest, I was already running behind because the label printer for the Farm Subscription boxes was not working right, so I was a little snippy. One of our farmers and I headed out to start the flower harvest.

Five minutes in I realized. Wow. This is pretty amazing. "Look how beautiful this flower is", I would stop to show Miranda. "I can't believe the colors on this one" she would echo back. I literally had to stop and smell the roses.... or snapdragons in our case, to become present to the bounty. I had been so caught up in the mundane problems that I almost missed the gift of the experience of harvesting.

It is kind of the whole point of all of this.

I really don't want to be so distracted in my head that I could miss the bounty and abundance that is pouring on the farm right now.

So we headed back and started bunching bouquets, which really does help to change ones mood, and the lesson sank in for me...

To look up and see all that there is to be grateful for and enjoy the harvest.