Farm Update

Yesterday my dog got into an argument with a skunk. The skunk won as I am sure you could have guessed...

After we were done using the magic peroxide blend to wash away the skunk from Bohdi (it works at about 95% which is not bad) we were talking about how amazing skunks are and how diverse all animals, plants, flowers and so on are. Just one animal got the super power to spray vile liquid as a defense mechanism. No other animal does that. We then agreed we are glad it was not the mighty porcupine, designed in miraculous ways to shoot quills, which could have caused some serious pain.

Today during harvest I was still noticing each crops distinct design, color, needs, season and so on. Some will go strong until the end of season, others are already calling it quits - having helped nourish 170 families this summer. Some we are still waiting for first harvest (hello sunflowers!!!).

Just because we get used to it does not mean it's not a miracle. 

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